I'm a sculptor interested in creating characters designed ultimately to be expressed in film.   My best characters are parts of other realms and worlds. My first two years of college were spent studying animation and visual effects. I went on to focus on "real dimensional" sculpture, completing my BFA at the Academy of Art University in spring of 2012. Sculpture allows me more freedom and fluidity in developing the characters that other mediums like film and literature can animate. I have a passion for personal studio and/or museum art, while respecting its difference from public, house-hold or entertainment art. My artistic process often starts with a walk or with a book. On walks I find interesting people, objects, and patterns. My mind asks, “What if this was part of an ancient, future, or unseen world?"  This question eventually incorporates "found objects" into my artwork.  When I was a toddler, my Great Grandmother Yetta gave me my first art book, The Art of Maurice Sendak.  This book helped me understand that art could make imaginary things real by giving them a physical form.   My appetite for books expanded into an extensive collection of science, science fiction, fantasy and graphic novels.    My imagination was unleashed by  J.K.Rowling's  Harry Potter  and    Michal Chabon's Kavalier and Clay. Their works prepared   me for others, like theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. Found objects and books form bridges between science, history and fantasy. These bridges help develop my characters and sculpture.   
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